Red Hat Enterprise SELinux Policy Administration

Course Overview

Security-enhanced Linux® (SELinux) is a powerful, kernel-level security layer that provides fine-grained control over which users and processes may access which resources and execute which programs on a system. Red Hat® Enterprise SELinux Policy Administration (RHS429) introduces senior system administrators, security administrators, and application programmers to SELinux policy writing. Students will learn how SELinux works and how to manage, write, compile, and debug an SELinux policy. This class culminates in a major project to analyze, determine the security needs of, and design and implement a set of net new policies for a service previously unprotected by SELinux.
A Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE®) who successfully completes this course is prepared to take the Red Hat Enterprise SELinux Policy Administration Expertise Exam (EX429). Exam sold separately.


Course Code: RHS429

Delivery Methods:

Public Classroom

Online Training

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