“Nothing influence people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend.”

Referral Program

Word-of-mouth referrals have the most influence and that is why we offer a cash bonus each time you help us make a successful introduction! To show you our gratitude, we’re offering you the below incentive to earn cash for each direct hire candidate or professional client you refer to Cloudwise Solutions.

Client referrals

Earn £1,000 bonus for each client referral that utilises Cloudwise Solutions services successfully with a signed agreement. 

This applies to first placement only for each client.


Earn £500 bonus resulting in a direct hire placement.



Client referrals must be submitted via the contact form below.

A client referral fee is applicable for a signed business engagement agreement of direct permanent or contract placements.
Client referrals must include the following: Name of the client contact or hiring manager, phone, email, job title.

The referral client job cannot be one that Cloudwise Solutions is actively working on or actively approaching already.

The Client Contact must be a new connection for Cloudwise Solutions.

Cloudwise Solutions must place a candidate into the referred client position (signed agreement required).

Bonuses for placements on each referred client job will be paid after the guarantee period (set by Cloudwise Solutions and the client, usually 3 months) has expired and the specific invoice for the referred client position has been paid. One receipt of our Invoice Cloudwise Solutions will pay the bonus within 7 working days.



You may submit a referral via the contact form below, please reference in the subject line referral type and send the email to the Contact form below; with the Name, Phone, Email, Job Title AND Resume

Once you submit your referral information, you will be contacted to confirm receipt of the referral. Please allow 7 days for the referral bonus to be processed once all of the conditions are met.
Referral bonuses for each direct hire referral is paid after the referred direct hire has worked and completed the probation period.  Bonuses are taxable income.

Since there may be duplication of names and companies referred to us, both from other people providing referrals, and by our own team who may already be working with a candidate or client, Cloudwise Solutions reserves the right at its sole discretion to determine if a referral bonus is due, and to whom.

A qualified referral is a candidate or client who is not currently in our database and has not already been submitted to us in the past six months.  Referrals for candidates are good up to three months from the date of each submission.
Cloudwise Solutions reserves the right to modify or discontinue the above program at any time with or without notice.

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