ITIL® in Action: Mastering Change Management

Course Overview

Learn the concepts, principles, activities, and techniques to manage a high-volume of change in a predictable, repeatable way.

In this course, you will be immersed in the various concepts, techniques, and activities associated with conducting an establishing and managing a high volume of change in a modern-day IT environment. This course focuses on defining different aspects of change management in an IT environment using a real-world case study about an organization experiencing changes that are common to IT organization. This course blends aspects of ITIL and Six Sigma to describes how to set a realistic scope for a change management process, how to define and use standard changes, how to conduct a change advisory board for normal changes, and how to effectively manage and minimize emergency changes. Through a collection of several real-world exercises you’ll learn how to manage different aspects of change in an IT organization.


The main focus areas of this course include:

Determine the scope of the change management process

Identify and categorize standard, normal, and emergency changes

Define effective measurements for a change management process

Understand and use SIPOC to define a process and standard changes

Understand and use Extended SIPOC to define standard changes

Define common installs, moves, adds, changes, and disposals as standard changes using SIPOC

Define and manage a normal change

Convert a normal change to a standard change

Manage an emergency change

Create a change management action plan

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Course Code GK5883

Duration 3 days

Course Delivery:

Online Training

Public Classroom

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