Red Hat Certified Specialist in Ansible Automation

Course Overview

The performance-based Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Ansible Automation exam (EX407) tests your ability to use Ansible to automate the configuration of systems and applications.


Red Hat recommends that candidates earn Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE®) or at a minimum Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA®) before attempting this exam, but neither is required.


To help you prepare, the exam objectives highlight the task areas you can expect to see covered in the exam. Red Hat reserves the right to add, modify, and remove exam objectives. Such changes will be made public in advance.


Candidates should have the following skills and abilities:

- Understand core components of Ansible.

- Run ad-hoc Ansible commands.

- Use both static and dynamic inventories to define groups of host.

- Create Ansible plays and playbooks.

- Create and use templates to create customized configuration files for hosts.

- Work with Ansible variables and facts.

- Create and work with roles.

- Manage parallelism.

- Use Ansible Vault in playbooks to protect sensitive data.

- Configure external authentication.


As with all Red Hat performance-based exams, configurations must persist after restart without intervention.


Course Code: EX407

Delivery Methods:

Public Classroom

Online Training

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