UI Developer, Gaming C++ - Remote (Home Working) - £40,000 - £45,000

Position: UI Developer, Gaming - C++

Location: Remote (Home Working)

Salary: £40,000 - £45,000

About the job;

Our client are a videogame studio based in London, currently working with people from 40 different countries. Because most of them work remotely, we are used to recruit globally.

This particular role is ideally for someone who'd be able to start immediately to 1 month, and commit with us on a fulltime, permanent basis. We are not only looking for people who are UK based, however - because the main team is based in the United Kingdom and to minimize the time zone differences - we would prefer programmers whose time zone is no more than 2-3 hours different from GMT.

An absolute requirement is that this programmer has, at least, 5 years of recent experience in the gaming industry, namely with current and next gen consoles. Being car racing videogame developers, we do prefer people who are passionate about the genre and have some record of AAA games in their career.

Our interviewing process is always composed of 2 interviews: a technical interview first, with the department managers - and this case will be the Lead UI Programmer and the Lead UI Manager. This will be a skype typed interview, lasting up to 2 hours and covering the Candidate's experience, skills, current projects (if possible), etc. If we are to move forward, then there is a 2nd stage interview with the Technical Director and the CTO, again skype typed, having more to do with company culture/fit but still covering a lot of technical aspects of the role and the Candidate's experience. If successful at this point, then we would be ready to move forward with an offer.

We have a very flexible, family friendly working culture, and expect all our team members to be experienced professionals able to work on their own.

UI Programmer - remote work

This role requires;

strong C++ skills and at least five years of industry experience is essential.

General responsibilities and requirements include:

· Profile and maintain existing game code

· Work with the Technical Director, department leads and programmers to design the game code and contribute to technical design documents

· Assist in preparing milestone builds as required

· Good debugging skills

· Self-motivation

· Excellent communication, time-management & organisational skills

In addition to the above, applicants should show a good understanding of how GUI and gameplay systems are implemented and will need to:

· Have previous experience with object-oriented design, data-driven systems and their implementation

· Take an active part in the game design process working with designers and other development departments

· Turn GUI designs into technical specifications and implementing resulting generic technology as well as project specific code/logic

· Test and refine GUI features during the development process

· Work with other programmers to interface with all project subsystems exposing data to the GUI, including gameplay, networking and physics